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An inspiring Journey

a “round” the delicious round world. – They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. it all began as a dream seen by Mr. Pramod Choksi – Owner of Choksi Jewellers Nashik. Driven by a singular vision and an ambitious mission – to supply 10 Lakh chapatis to india, every single day. This broad vision found more with family

The Chapati Hub (TCH) aims to emerge as a long-term solution by bridging this widening nutrition and lifestyle gap. By becoming a good, irreplaceable habit, for that’s what great brands do – surpass expectation, by delivering an original, Home-like, Wholesome taste and health quotient.

Because we believe in this round world, what goes around comes around too, which is why we believe in being better than good, so that you remain surrounded by goodness – in the form of our delicious, fresh rotis – all the time!

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

200 + Ton
Aata Sold
1 Lakh +
Chapati Sold
1500 +
Clients & Customers
"My restaurant is always flooded with thali orders. The only way i can keep up with the ever-growing demand for good chapatis is by trusting the roti hub, to deliver goodness that can be trusted and relied on."
Beena Gopakumar
Chef & Restaurant Owner

We're Indian, Indigenous & Inimitable at the Core

Why TCH is a Gamechaner Concept Because

W'heat'ing up your wonderful world-with Brand-New Possibilities !

The world is our stage, and our chapatis are our global superstars, poised to take the world by storm. Since inceptions, TCH has gone from strength-to-strength, operationally as well as intellectually. Our worldview has been shaped by the many wonderful lives we have touched, which has helped us grow by leaps and bounds. To serve nothing short of the finest to our valued patrons, who believe in the goodness of everything we create.

Vision - To Serve healthy and tasty chapattis to satisfy the test buds of the end-users and make them happy. "Our aim is to make cooking simpler, tastier and healthier"

Purpose - Our Purpose is to inspire and support the health of every family in the world by making indian bread (chapati) with rich nutritional values; easily available to them.

Mr. Pravinchandra Premchand Choksi


Mrs. Kashmiraben Pravinchandra Choksi


Mr. Pramod Pravinchandra Choksi

Founder & CEO

Mrs. Heena Pramod Choksi

Co-Founder & CTO

Mr. Kalpesh Pravinchandra Choksi


Mrs. Manisha Kalpesh Choksi


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